Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hard Drive Recovery Disaster

Disaster recovery is a big topic. There are many ways to recover from an electronic disaster, but what happens if your backups fail? Most media these days are hard disks. Tapes have become an out of date way to backup data and more companies have turned to hard drives as their storage and backup solution. If a disk fails then you will need hard drive recovery to restore your data.

Hard Drive Recovery Programming

It is vital that when looking at data recovery companies, that you choose a real lab with a clean room and engineers. In the US there are only a handful of data recovery companies that actually operate a class 100 clean room. More importantly is the fact that even less have qualified technicians that are capable of programming and rebuilding file systems. The software side of hard drive recovery is actually harder than the repair of the disk. Since hard drive usually fail from the inside out, the operating system is almost always damaged. That is why DTI Data is your best choice for hard drive recovery. All the software that we sell on our site was created by our own in house programmers. We have the capabilities to rebuild file systems from the hex level. Don't take a chance on losing your data choose DTI for your hard drive recovery.
Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery