Monday, February 06, 2006

How To Get Exchange Back Up Without Re-Install

Just got this letter from Jerry in San Francisco, CA.


My Exchange server (2000 running on an IBM Netfinity Server) is reporting inconsistencies within the database. It is running, but I am afraid to stop it and run ESEUTIL. Your company restored our files a couple years ago and one of your engineers helped me get up and running with a fresh database without reinstalling Exchange. I have ex-merged all the mailboxes out to pst's, what is next?

My response:

Hey Jerry, the first thing is you need to stop the information stores service. This will allow you to make changes to the MDBDATA folder.

Rename the mdbdata folder to mdbdata_old.

Create a blank mdbdata folder.

Restart the Information Stores Service.

Go to the private mail store within the Exchange Administrator snap in.

Right click on your private store and click "mount". A warning is going to come up: one or more files are missing do you want to create a database? (Or something like that). Hit yes.

Repeat for the public stores even if you don't use public folders you have to re-create the public store as well or Outlook might hang.

Now you are ready to test the sending and receiving.

Always keep in mind that if you need Exchange Recovery call 727-723-3840 for 24 hour support.

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