Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Exchange Disaster Recovery Action Plan

Microsoft Exchange Action Plan

Below is an actual email from a client. The inherent problem with this plan is the fact that there is no mention of te importance to back up your mdbdata folder and it really tells you to delete the log files! This is crazy. Any email activity happening from the time the priv was synched to the crash is in the logs. Many times we have to recover data out of the log files.PLEASE back up all your priv, priv1, stm, pub and LOG files prior to implementing the "action plan"

Michael,This was sent to, and is being forwarded to you via my personal email as our company server was DOWN!!!! Your discretion is appreciated. Quoting Microsoft:
Action Plan:-
1) ESEUTIL /P E:\EXCHSRVR\MDBDATA\PRIV.EDB (After you finish this command please delete all the log (EDB.LOG, EDBXXX.LOG) files from E:\EXCHSRVR\MDBDATA Folder)
After Finishing the above command please type the below command.
5) Go to C:\EXCHSRVR\BIN folder and run the next command.
6) ISINTEG -PRI -FIX -TEST ALLTESTS (Run this command maximum three (3) time to get Error=0, Warning=0, Fixes=0)
7) ISINTEG -PUB -FIX -TEST ALLTESTS(Run this command maximum three (3) time to get Error=0, Warning=0, Fixes=0)

This client lost all data, hundreds of mailboxes and public contacts and calanders! We recovered the data in 2 days! How? he read our home page and backed up his databases prior to running Microsoft Utilities!

Call Michael Stankard at 727-251-2058 for 24 hour Exchange support.

Exchange Data Recovery

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